Get on the digital preservation ladder

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What's digital preservation?

The eBook explores what digital preservation is and describes different approaches to it, and then focuses on migration-based strategies.

This short eBook assumes no knowledge or expertise and shows how you can implement a basic solution with no requirements for local IT infrastructure, resources or IT expertise (often a big barrier to getting going).

"Guaranteeing the long-term integrity of our digital assets is an absolutely crucial part of the Archives and Access Project – this archival heritage is extremely valuable to Tate’s future, and the future of British and international art history. We cannot afford to have them compromised in any way."

Anna Henry

Digital Preservation Manager, Tate

The book will then ask how you’ll know if you need digital preservation and what to do if you do (how to get on the first rung of the digital preservation ladder).

Do you need digital preservation?

We’ll then take you through what the basic building blocks of a digital preservation system looks like and what their key characteristics are.

Basic building blocks

Learn how to get on the digital preservation ladder quickly and easily using simple, tried-and-tested tools and long-term, secure and scalable data archiving.

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