Digital Asset Preservation.

Preserving, indexing and archiving for the very long-term.


File-format optimisation

Converting digital files to a range of 'future-proof' formats (and keep doing this as the future unfolds).

Capturing and storing metadata


To maximise the ability for the asset to be discovered, retrieved, curated and managed. 

Long-term archive storage


To guarantee that the digital asset is going to be available and accessible for decades and decades (well, forever actually).

What's it all about?

Well, it requires files to be readable way into the future. It also requires those files to be discoverable. And of course the files and metadata have to be secure and accessible. The three key building blocks are:

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"Arkivum not only meets MoMA's high preservations standards, but is also a financially smart move considering the size of our digital collections (big) and the way we access them (infrequently)."

Ben Fino-Radin

Digital Repository Manager, New York's Museum of Modern Art

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