What do you get?

A handy practical guide that will help you understand:

  • The issues around your institutional data management policies
  • What the associated EPSRC expectations are
  • How data from funded research needs to be managed, curated and preserved

What you will learn:


13 Individual sections on:

  • The EPSRC expectations on you and your institution
  • What you need to think about in order to meet them
  • Practical help on what they want to hear
  • The 13 key messages

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This eBook will get you awareness of what's expected of you, and give all the informaiton you need to join your peers on the road to success.

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Complimentary eBook on the what, the why and the how...

Do you want clear, practical help on how to comply with the research data management expectations of your institution and funding bodies like the EPSRC?

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A practical eBook that provides 13 steps to help you meet institutional and EPSRC expectations on maximising access to your research data

13 step eBook to help you maximise access

to your research data

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